The OECD is a prime source of comparative statistics on its member countries and major non-member countries.

Main Economic Indicators

The OECD's monthly Main Economic Indicators publication is an important source of comparable key economic statistics for the OECD member countries, a number of non-member countries and the Euro and other country groupings

Economic Outlook

The semi-annual OECD Economic Outlook publication contains historical data and projections by the OECD Economics Department for the next two to two and a half years for a large number of key economic variables in the OECD countries and other regions of the world.

Quarterly National Accounts

The OECD's Quarterly National Accounts publication is an important source of comparable national account statistics for the OECD countries. The composition of GDP from the expenditure, production, and income sides is shown as well as the financing and composition of capital formation.

National Accounts at a Glance

This database focusses on cross-country comparisons of key national account indicators. Comparisons are provided for different GDP measures, net national income, savings, net lending/borrowing, and household, government and other indicators.

Government at a Glance

This database provides international comparisons of public finance and other government indicators. It includes the series from the two OECD datasets Government at a Glance and Government at a Glance Southeast Asia.

House Prices

This database contains residential property price indexes in nominal and real terms. In addition it contains rental price indexes and ratios of nominal prices to rents and to disposable household income. Nominal price indexes are broken down where possible by regions and cities within each country, by dwelling type (single- and multi-family) and vintage (new and existing).