RBA Statistics

The Reserve Bank of Australia is an important source of official time series statistics for Australia. The Statistical Tables provide a compendium of key economic and financial time series from primary source RBA data, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other sources. Furthermore, the Reserve Bank's collection of historical statistics are a unique source of long-run annual time series statistics on the Australian economy.


The RBA Statistics database in dX format contains over 6,000 time series and is divided into two parts: Statistical Tables and Historical Statistics.

The Statistical Tables contain the full time span of available data for the time series published by the RBA on its web-site (www.rba.gov.au). The database includes almost 4,000 series at a variety of frequencies (monthly, quarterly, daily, etc.). In addition to providing various main economic indicator series, the database is the primary source for data on the money supply, assets and liabilities of financial institutions, interest rates, and government finance.

The Historical Statistics portion of RBA Statistics includes the RBA Australian Economic Statistics 1949-50 to 1996-97, and the RBA Preliminary Annual Database 1900-01 to 1973-74, and contains around 2,600 annual (fiscal year basis) time series.


RBA Statistics is updated daily as data are released by the RBA.


The Statistical Tables are organized into nine Sections: Reserve Bank of Australia, Assets and Liabilities of Financial Institutions, Payments System, Money and Credit Statistics, Government Finance, Financial Markets, Prices and Output, Balance of Payments and External Finance, and Overseas Economic Statistics.

The Historical Statistics are included in the database as a separate Topic.