China Database

CEIC China Database is a highly detailed, up-to-date time series database covering the fast-growing Chinese economy, and offering an unrivalled depth and breadth of national, provincial and municipal data on China.


The database contains series grouped into into 18 widely monitored macroeconomic categories, as well as data on over 20 rapidly-growing sectors of the Chinese economy.

Macroeconomic subject categories include: National Accounts; Government and Public Finance; Socio-Demographic; Labour Market; Household Survey; Consumer Goods Market; Inflation; International Trade; Balance of Payments; Money and Banking; Money Market, Interest and Exchange Rates; Investment; Business and Economic Survey; Prices; Private Equity; Financial Market; Land and Resources; and Environmental Protection.

Sectors included are: Agriculture; Industry; Textiles; Petrochemicals; Pharmaceuticals; Metal and Steel; Electronics; Machinery; Automobiles; Energy; Utilities; Construction; Wholesale, Retail and Catering; Transport and Storage; Information and Communications; Insurance; Real Estate; Advertising; Tourism; Hotels; and Other Personal Services.

The database contains around 300,000 time series running as far back as is meaningful.


The CEIC China Database is updated three times per week day.


One Topic for each macroeconomic category, which is then followed by a Topic for each economic sector.