Exporting and importing data

dXtime offers a range of methods for exchanging data with other applications.

  • The Export command allows time series data to be written to a wide range of file formats, including spreadsheets, econometrics, statistical and interchange formats.
  • The clipboard can be used to copy series data and metadata, as well as graphs, to other applications.
  • dXtime allows you to use Dynamic Data Exchange (DDE) to place copies of memorized graphs and data tables in other Windows applications and update them at a later time.
  • The dXdata add-in for Microsoft Excel can be used to access series from both official databases and Workfiles. Using the add-in, you can create dedicated Worksheets containing dX data within your Excel Workbooks. These Worksheets can be easily updated as your official databases and Workfiles are updated over time.
  • The Import command can be used to import time series data from spreadsheets and other Windows applications into dXtime.