Quarterly National Accounts

The OECD's Quarterly National Accounts publication is an important source of comparable national account statistics for the OECD countries. The composition of GDP from the expenditure, production, and income sides is shown as well as the financing and composition of capital formation.


The Quarterly National Accounts database contains the full time span of historical data for all time series in the publication together with a large number of unpublished series. It contains around 18,000 current series covering all OECD countries and a number of non-member countries. Country aggregations are provided for OECD Total, OECD Europe, European Union, Euro area, G7 and NAFTA. Data begin as early as 1947.

The dX format database also includes approximately 10,000 historical series from the old QNA database that the OECD discontinued in May 2018.


EconData updates the Quarterly National Accounts database daily.


The database contains international comparison tables followed by country tables and the tables for the discontinued series.