Corporate Subscriptions

EconData offers annual subscriptions to its various time series databases to corporations, government departments, and other organizations. Subscribers receive dX Corporate Edition, which includes:

  • an annual subscription to a qualifying database;
  • a single workstation licence to dXtime;
  • the dXupdate application, for synchronizing database updates to the subscriber's local machine;
  • the dXdata add-in for Microsoft Excel;
  • the option to subscribe to additional databases;
  • the option to acquire additional workstation licences.

With dX Corporate Edition, subscribers benefit from immediate and convenient access to hundreds of thousands of economic and financial time series, all continuously updated as data are released.

Please contact us for more information on our corporate subscriptions.

Academic Subscriptions

Annual academic subscriptions are available to qualifying academic institutions. Subscribers receive dX Academic edition, including:

  • an annual site licence to dXtime, allowing installation and use throughout the designated institution (faculty, department, etc.);
  • the ability to subscribe to a range of available dX databases;
  • for those databases subscribed to, delivery of the complete database on CD-ROM, for installation on the institution's computer system;
  • for those databases subscribed to, a choice of update frequency (monthly, quarterly, etc.).

dX Academic Edition is a great solution for both the research and teaching needs of academic institutions, with the flexibility to choose the update frequency of each database subscribed to.

Please contact us for more information on our academic subscriptions.

Other Services

EconData also licences its time series management software to organizations interested in creating and maintaining their own databases.

  • Organizations may licence our tools in order to create and maintain in-house time series databases, with all the features of the official databases published by EconData.
  • Institutions may also be interested in becoming official dX data vendors, and offer time series databases in dX format for general distribution.

Please contact us for more information.