Economic Outlook

The semi-annual OECD Economic Outlook publication contains historical data and projections by the OECD Economics Department for the next two to two and a half years for a large number of key economic variables in the OECD countries and other regions of the world.


The Economic Outlook database contains the full time span of historical and projected data for all time series in the publication together with a large number of unpublished series. Currently the Economic Outlook database contains over 13,000 annual and quarterly time series beginning as early as 1960.

Also included in the dX format database are summary projections from previous editions of the Economic Outlook database starting with EO49 in 1991.


EconData updates the Economic Outlook database semi-annually as data is released by the OECD, usually in May and November.


The database in dX format is organized by EconData into separate Annex Tables with series arranged by country, and individual annual and quarterly Country Tables for the OECD member countries and a number of non-member countries.