Government Finance Statistics

This database contains detailed data on revenue, expense, transactions in assets and liabilities and their end of year stock positions. Data is available for general government and its subsectors.

Since first published in 1977, the Government Finance Statistics has been one of the major IMF databases along with the International Financial Statistics, Balance of Payments Statistics and Direction of Trade Statistics.

The standard framework for the data is currently based on the IMF's Government Finance Statistics Manual 2014 (GFSM2014)..


The dX format database includes the annual domestic currency series from the seven IMF Government Finance Statistics (GFS) datasets:

  • GFS Main Aggregates and Balances (GFSMAB)
  • GFS Revenue (GFSR)
  • GFS Expense (GFSE)
  • GFS Expenditure by Function of Government (GFSCOFOG)
  • GFS Financial Assets and Liabilities by Counterpart Sector (GFSFALCS)
  • GFS Integrated Balance Sheet (Stock Positions and Flows in Assets and Liabilities) (GFSIBS) and
  • GFS Statement of Sources and Uses of Cash (GFSSSUC).

In dX format the database is laid out in Country Tables, with series ordered to match the Government Finance Statistics Yearbook.


The Government Finance Statistics is updated monthly.