World Economic Outlook

The IMF World Economic Outlook database provides historical macroeconomic data and IMF projections for individual countries, country aggregates and at the global level.


IMF World Economic Outlook includes annual series for GDP, prices, current account balances, investment and savings, output gaps, employment and unemployment, government finance and foreign trade. Data are available for over 190 countries and 12 country groupings. Financial account and external debt data are available for country aggregates. International commodity price data are also provided.

Additionally the dX format database includes the Historical WEO Forecasts Database. This contains the projections from previous editions of the World Economic Outlook starting with the spring 1991 release for real GDP growth, inflation and the current account balance as a percentage of GDP for the various countries and country groups.

In total the database contains around 40,000 annual time series beginning as early as 1980.


The IMF World Economic Outlook database is updated semi-annually when data are released by the IMF, usually in April and October.


IMF World Economic Outlook is organized into tables for the summary world aggregates including commodity prices, and then into international comparison tables followed by the historical tables.