Australia and NZ

EconData maintains seven separate databases covering economic, financial and social time series data for the economies of Australia and New Zealand.

ABS Time Series Statistics Plus

The ABS Time Series Statistics Plus database includes the full span of data for around 40,000 series covering the principal monthly and quarterly Australian Bureau of Statistics main economic indicator publications.

Other ABS Databases

EconData produces four additional specialized databases based on Australian Bureau of Statistics publications.

RBA Statistics

The Reserve Bank of Australia is an important source of official time series statistics for Australia. The Statistical Tables provide a compendium of key economic and financial time series from primary source RBA data, the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other sources.

New Zealand Time Series

New Zealand Time Series contains the full span of data for around 15,000 economic, financial, and social time series from over 50 Statistics New Zealand publications, together with full time series from the Reserve Bank of New Zealand Financial Statistics.