Automatic updating

New time series observations are constantly being released and old ones are often being revised. Working with time series and trying to keep up-to-date data, calculations, graphs and reports can be a time consuming and tedious task.

dXtime removes this tedium by:

  • using Workfiles to maintain collections of time series from (any number of) official databases;
  • using Workfiles to also store derived (calculated) series and memorized graphs and data tables;
  • providing the Update Linked Series command to update series in Workfiles to reflect the latest updates to official databases;
  • providing the Recalculate command to update the data observations for calculated series;
  • providing the Regenerate command to update and recalculate all Workfile series in a single operation;
  • allowing Workfiles to be automatically updated (if desired) each time they are opened.

With dXtime, preparing your regular weekly or monthly report has never been easier. With each database release, your Workfiles can automatically update all series linked to the official database, recalculate any user-defined series, update data tables and re-draw graphs. Then using your regular report or presentation application (say, Microsoft Word or Excel), simply updating the links to dXtime will update graphs and data tables.

Don’t spend time collecting and re-generating your time series. Spend your time analyzing and writing about them.