Instant access to data and graphs

Select one or more series in the Series Directory — including series with different frequencies — and then a single keystroke or mouse click displays a data table or graph.

dXtime's data tables and graphs are simple to generate, and optimized for time series data.

  • Any number of data tables and graphs can be simultaneously created and displayed for each database.
  • Data display is essentially instantaneous, no matter what the length of the time series being displayed.
  • By default, the full range of data is displayed. Use the convenient timeframe button to focus on sub-periods of the data.
  • The display of series with different frequencies is handled effectively and automatically.
  • Data tables may be transposed (from columns to rows and back again) with a single mouse click.
  • dXtime uses series metadata to automatically display data table headings.
  • For graphs, dXtime generates "smart" headings and series legends.
  • Date formats are automatically chosen, depending on the frequency of the selected series.
  • Graphs are automatically scaled to optimize use of available screen space, and date axis scales are automatically generated to reflect the underlying series frequency.
  • Data tables or graphs may be printed or copied to the clipboard.
  • Data tables and graphs may be "memorized" and stored in user Workfiles for later recall.