ABS State Accounts

The ABS State Accounts database contains all of the time series from the Australian Bureau of Statistics annual publication National Accounts: State Accounts (ABS 5220.0).


The ABS State Accounts database provides comparable annual national accounts data for the States, the Territories, and Australia. It includes State and Territory estimates of gross domestic product (referred to as gross state product (GSP)) and its components, in current price and chain volume terms. The estimates are consistent with those published for Australia in Australian System of National Accounts (ABS 5204.0).

The database includes over 2,700 annual (fiscal year basis) time series.


ABS State Accounts is released annually. The 2013/14 release was issued in November 2014.


The database is organized into seven Sections: Gross State Product, Expenditure Components of Gross State Product, Industry Gross Value Added, Income Components of Gross State Product, Total Factor Income, Agricultural Income, and Household Income.