Fiscal Monitor

This database includes the IMF Fiscal Monitor (FM) dataset as well as two other related IMF datasets: Historical Public Debt (HPDD) and World Revenue Longitudinal Data (WoRLD).


The Fiscal Monitor publication is prepared semi-annually by the IMF's Fiscal Affairs Department. It provides historical data and projections of general government balances, revenue, expenditure and debt for over 130 countries and country groups. The projections are based on the same data used in the World Economic Outlook and the Global Financial Stability Report.

The Historical Public Debt data are government gross debt-to-GDP ratios for 191 countries beginning as early as 1800. The data have been constructed from a number of other datasets and information from original sources.

The World Revenue Longitudinal data are a compilation of government tax and non-tax revenues as a percentage of GDP for over 200 countries. It is based on the IMF's Government Finance Statistics, World Economic Outlook and OECD Revenue Statistics.


The FM dataset is updated twice a year, WoRLD is updated annually and HPDD is updated periodically.